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Who we are

Save Money, Increase Accuracy

Welcome to EntityWise

Since 2007 we’ve specialized in record match technology and have created a machine learning approach to
matching records that is more accurate than the traditional platforms. Existing platforms employ old
technologies, deterministic and probabilistic, which fall short in matching the entire data set leaving tasks,
potential duplicates, suspects for humans to review manually. Through this new approach we customize the
match algorithm for each client through a short learning exercise and can then make decisions on 100% of the
data set. This technology enables us to have several revolutionary solutions.


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to make Identity Resolution easy to implement and maintain, incredibly accurate while being cost effective.  Implementing a traditional match/identity solution has historically been measured in months (sometimes years) and includes licensing costs, services implementation costs, additional third party licenses, and annual maintenance fees.  Machine learning has enabled us to create a solution that is easy to implement and can be measured in days.  It does not require expert services to implement nor additional third party licenses.  Our solution is custom fit to your organization and is more accurate than all traditional approaches.  And central to our philosophy is the ability to change or add additional views of data as the need arises.  No implementation gets the next 3-5 years 100% correct and flexibility is required.  Traditional approaches set the identity resolution in concrete at implementation making it exceedingly difficult to make any future adjustments.

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