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Customer example

Save Money, Increase Accuracy

Providence St Joseph Health used Ai Steward to overcome a large backlog of Potential Duplicates (tasks).  They continue to use Ai Steward and have been free from Potential Duplicates for 3 years

Whether you need a one-time cleanup to catch up on your backlog or an ongoing subscription we can help.

Potential Duplicates (Tasks)

Large Backlog

St Joseph had 250,000  Potential Duplicates or Tasks in
the backlog with thousands of new tasks
being created every month.

Hours Saved

Large Effort

They estimated it would have taken their
data team over 13,000 hours to complete the

AI Steward took 51 hours.


Large Costs

St Joseph Health estimated they saved $323,000
as a result of using AI Steward and
after 3 years they remain task free.