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MPI Cleanup

Save Money, Increase Accuracy


Potential Duplicates & Unified Views

A Threat to Patient Safety

  • Duplicate Patient Records present a safety issue.

  • Typically MPI/EMPI systems have 15-20% duplicate patient records.

  • Resolve Potential Duplicates that other platforms create (Epic, Cerner, Meditech...).

  • It costs 8-10x to fix a duplicate after it's circulating in the source


Unified View

  • Matching Patients across multiple sources is critical to get a full perspective of the patient

  • The Unified View of patient allows organizations to work at maximum efficiency

  • The complete picture minimizes patient safety errors caused by incomplete information

  • Create multiple views for multiples needs (e.g. analytics)


How do we engage?

We can engage:


As a one-time project to eliminate a backlog and allow your data team to  catchup (a services engagement)


As a subscription where we continuously resolve an ongoing workload 7x24x365


As a file based engagement where we receive a file of potential duplicates and return them resolved.

Inquire about our No Cost Proof of Concept

We are confident about our solution that we provide a no cost proof of concept using your data and your data stewards.
Using your best Data Stewards and your data, we will train our solution to become a Virtual Data Steward.
This process only requires about 8 hours of your time and we will produce a report showing how our solution is as accurate as your best data stewards.

The process only takes us about 2 weeks to complete and at the end of this POC you have a working solution that can be put into production that mimics your data team's decisions.


Download A Case Study


MPI Cleanup

EntityWise can de-duplicate patient records within a source.

EntityWise can create a unified view across multiple sources.

EntityWise can incorporate outside data lists.


Merge Records

We can optionally merge the duplicate records into a single master record,

also known as a golden or 360 degree view record.


Using your organizations rules for merging or survivorship, we can merge the duplicate

records into a single record result set.

Schedule a 15min Call to Learn More

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