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MPI Cleanup

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Potential Duplicates & Potential Overlays

A Threat to Patient Safety

  • Duplicate Patient Records present a safety issue.

  • Typically MPI/EMPI systems have 15-20% duplicate patient records.

  • Most Platforms can only find 2 record duplicates when there can be 3,4,5+ duplicates

  • It costs 8-10x to fix a duplicate after it's circulating in the source



  • Patient Overlays - when one patients record overwrites another patients record, overlaying one patient over another.

  • Typically MPI/EMPI systems done do an effective job alerting you to this condition.  Often OVER alerting you to false alarms for such trivial changes like phone number.

  • Overlays present one of the most serious patient safety concerns in healthcare.


How do we engage?

We can engage:


As a one-time project to eliminate a backlog and allow your data team to  catchup (a services engagement)


As a subscription where we continuously resolve an ongoing workload 7x24x365


As a file based engagement where we receive a file of potential duplicates and return them resolved.

Inquire about our No Cost Proof of Concept

Is 8 hours of your time worth a solution that will make you a hero?

We are so confident about our solution that we provide a no cost proof of concept using your data and your data stewards.
Using your best 3 Data Stewards and your data, we will train our solution to become a Virtual Data Steward (Ai Steward).
This process only requires about 8 hours of your time and we will produce a report showing how our solution is as accurate as your best data stewards.
The process only takes us about 2 weeks to complete and at the end of this POC you have a working solution that can be put into production.


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MPI Cleanup

Cerno can de-duplicate patient records within a source.

Cerno can efficiently detect Overlays alerting you the moment they occur.


Improve Accuracy / Clean Data / Fill-in Missing Data

We can optionally utilize third-party reference data to 

  • Improve Match Accuracy

  • Correct Data that is not Accurate

  • Fill-in Data that is missing

  • Third Party Reference Data (Passport, Experian etc...)  Utilizing person reference data can assist in finding missing pieces of Patient Information such as an DOB or SSN.  This helps improve the matching process of patient data.  It can also be used to correct and fill-in missing information in your MPI/EMPI system.

  • Address Validation/Standardization - A valid and standardized address is very beneficial for match accuracy and can also be used to correct your MPI/EMPI data.

  • Photo ID Processing - It's extremely common for Healthcare organizations to scan photo identification.   There is a wealth of important information contained on each ID.  We can do two things with Photo ID's.

    • Extract the information contained in the ID such as Name, Address, DOB, Drivers License etc... and use if for matching and correcting your information.​

    • Comparing two photo's and rendering an accurate decision whether they are the same person.   This can be used incredibly effectively when there are 2 patient records that each contain a Photo ID.