You spend a lot of time and money implementing an MPI, EMPI or MDM to manage your patient, payer and provider data.


Unfortunately, they only do part of the job.

The"Determininstic" and "Probablistic" matching technologies at the heart of your MPI, EMPI and MDM have been used since the 60's. 


"Artificial Intelligence" and "Machine Learning" are not just buzz words to us.

Quite simply, We learn.

As a true neural network machine learning solution, EntityWise learns directly from you.  This means no new technical projects, no tuning exercises, no distractions.

And better yet, we offer:

  • $0 proof of concept

  • $0 Implementation (measured in hours - not days, weeks or months)

  • You pay for only the tasks/potential duplicates that are resolved 


We are vendor agnostic, technology agnostic, and we work both 100% on premise or in the cloud.

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