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Potential Duplicate Resolution

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Potential Duplicates

Epic / Cerner  / Meditech / Nextgate / Allscripts / McKesson / IBM / Reltio / Informatica

Potential Duplicates (also known as Tasks or Reviews) are created by MPI/EMPI/MDM platforms that are unable to make a decision.

This leaves a significant work effort for data stewards to manually review the potential duplicates and make a decision.

This decision making can be captured and automated by our solution.


EntityWise learns from your best data stewards and can mimic their decisions turning EntityWise into an automated solution that replicates/replaces a team of decisions.

EntityWise can produce answers at 20x the speed of human stewards allowing our solution to resolve 100's of thousands of Potential Duplicates in hours allowing you to meet your deadlines.

In addition, our solution has been proven to be more accurate than a data team.  During each engagement we test the consistency of the data stewards against each other and have found that even 3 stewards, on average, only agree between 85-90%. 

Which means that there is 10-15% inconsistent answers.  And when you increase the size of the team to 10 stewards, the consistency drops to approximately 70%, leading to 30% inconsistencies.  

Our solution mimics the best stewards answers 100% consistently.


A large east coast Hospital System had a challenging backlog of 163,000 Epic Potential Duplicates.  This presented a patient safety issue and was also too large for their internal data team to resolve on their own, especially as new Potential Duplicates are created every day pushing them further behind.

EntityWise was able to step in and create an custom algorithm tailored to them by using their data and data team in the first week.

After we established a custom fit approach that mimics their data team,  EntityWise was able to resolve the 163,000 PD's in 3 weeks.

The client had estimated that it would have taken their team of 8 stewards approximately 8-10 months to resolve it.

(8 stewards x 40hr x 32-40weeks))

Let us prove our solution with a no cost Proof of Concept that only takes hours of your time.

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