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A simple solution to finding your customers


Customers Rights

  • Right to Know their information

  • Right to be deleted

  • Right to opt-out

When your customers ask for their information, what is your plan?

To  fulfill on CCPA/GDPR ​requirements an organization has the requirement to be able to locate all records for a customer so that they

  • know their data

  • can be deleted

  • can opt-out

Finding the records across sources in a constantly changing organization can be one of the biggest challenges.


How are you going to find the customer throughout your organization?

EntityWise makes it simple to find records anywhere within your organization so that you meet the CCPA/GDPR requirement on behalf of an inquiring customer.

"I'm Bob Jones, I'd like to know what information you have about me?"


The Hardest Part Made Easy

Of all requirements by the GDPR/CCPA, the most challenging one is to actually locate customers throughout your organizations many sources of information.

Our solution is simple and cost effective.

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