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Customer example

Save Money, Increase Accuracy

A southwest Marketing Technology company needed to be able to take their customer's daily person data and match it against their own reference set of data to be able to retrieve valuable company metrics (revenue, employee size, number of locations etc...).  Once matched they were able to append and return that to their customers.  

240 Million Reference Records

Large DataSet Challenge

240 million records presents a significant challenge for any organization to attempt to use this in an identity resolution solution.  Our solution scales to any size.

Customer Data

How to Match

How were they going to be able to match a daily set of customer records against their 240 million internal reference set?  EntityWise provided a solution that allowed the client to load and match easily.

Large Daily Volume

500k Searches Per Day

With the EntityWise solution, the client was able to perform up to 500k identity resolutions (matches) per day and keep up with the daily demand of their customers.

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