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Customer example

Save Money, Increase Accuracy

A large east coast company used EntityWise to match 1.4 million person records against their internal reference data set containing 345 million person records.

345 Million Person Records

Large DataSet Challenge

345 million records presents a significant challenge for any organization to attempt to use this in an identity resolution solution.  Our solution scales to any size.

1.4 Million External


How to Match

How were they going to be able to match 1.4 million external records with 345 million internal records?  EntityWise can load and deal with any identity resolution scenario and we successfully delivered a match result.

Short Deadline

Meet a Deadline

The customer was under pressure from their customer to meet a deadline of 5 weeks.  EntityWise was able to create a custom fit identity algorithm and match both sets within 5 weeks meeting the goal.

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