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Since 2007 we've specialized in record match technology and have created a machine learning approach to matching records that is more accurate than the traditional platforms. Existing platforms employ old technologies,  deterministic and probabilistic, which fall short in matching the entire data set leaving tasks, potential duplicates, suspects for humans to review manually. Through this new approach we customize the match algorithm for each client through a short learning exercise and can then make decisions on 100% of the data set.  This technology enables us to have several revolutionary solutions.

Cerno is a cloud based full data set match solution that can match hundreds of millions of records for customers and returns decisions sub-second.  Cerno makes decisions on 100% of the data set leaving no unmatched records to be reviewed.

AI Steward is a platform agnostic solution, for any MDM/EMPI/MPI platform, and can be deployed 100% on premise or in the cloud and resolves the potential duplicates (tasks, suspects) that other platforms leave for humans to review.  The implementation phase takes a few weeks and will learn the match decision behavior of your data team and replicate them at equivalent accuracy but at approximately 20x the speed and typically at 1/3 the cost.

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