We've used Artificial Intelligence to solve the last mile in patient, payer and provider matching

Every unmatched identity poses significant safety, financial and operational risk.

You've invested time and money in an MDM, MPI or EMPI - yet the "task" remains

Be a hero and finish the job


Cost of Unmatched Data

According to the PEW Research Group in a survey conducted by the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives, "1 in 5 hospital chief information officers indicated that patients have been harmed in the previous year due to mismatches."   

PEW also found that an average of 18 percent of patient records within an organization are duplicates, which means for every 100,000 records there are 18,000 duplicate records present.

The average cost for a duplicate record is $96 per record and that cost increased to $1950 for in-patient care.  This cost hospitals $1.5 million on average in 2017.


Meet AI Steward

  • Replaces human data stewards who often times never can catch up

  • No bad / sick days, always accurate – always working

  • ROI easy to calculate:  many options – human cost easiest

  • Resolve entire task backlog – 100% no tasks !

  • Retain subscription to resolve new tasks as they are created

  • Eliminate the problem forever

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