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Potential Duplicates

Save Money, Increase Accuracy

Overcoming the burden of
Potential Duplicates

By investing in an EMPI / MPI  platform such as Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Nextgate, Allscripts, McKesson, IBM, Reltio, Informatica you recognize the need to match your data accurately and completely but these platforms fail to match the entire population of data and leave the unresolved matches as potential duplicates

(also known as tasks, suspects, worklists, reviews etc...)

for humans to work manually.

This often leaves a large burden on the data team and if the backlog is significantly large you will never catchup.


Left alone these are unrecognized matches, also known as false negatives

The Pain Points:


MPI/EMPI/MDM Implementation's create Potential Duplicates for humans to review


Unresolved Potential Duplicates create Patient Safety Concerns


Human Data Remediation



Time consuming

Requires Training

Inconsistent between staff members

Confined to workdays/hours (M-F, 8-hour days)


Large Backlogs are difficult  and even impossible to overcome (100k – millions)


Meanwhile new Potential Duplicates continue to be created


Potential Duplicates typically account for 10-15% of the population which affects your match rate

EntityWise can Eliminate those Pain Points


EntityWise Implementation Process:
Start to Finish in a few Weeks

Projects completed in weeks 
We do most of the heavy lifting


Custom Fit

One Size Approaches Fail because every Client has a different belief about matching and we honor that by creating a custom fit algorithm.

We learn directly from your best Stewards and create a virtual Steward that mimics your data teams decisions.


Fast Delivery

 Producing Results in a timely manner is important.

Traditional approaches typically involve training a team of stewards and executing on the volume of data which takes months.

We can solve 100's of thousands of PD's in days to weeks


Accurate Results

Accuracy is the most critical aspect of resolving Potential Duplicates.   

EntityWise mimics the decisions of your best data stewards which produce the most consistent and accurate results.

We are absolutely confident about our solution we offer a No Cost Proof Of Concept to prove it.

Our Approach

There are 3 steps to resolving any potential duplicate on any platform:

Learn how to make decisions from your best Data Stewards
Test the EntityWise against your own data to validate it's accuracy.
Resolve 10's to 100's of thousands of Potential Duplicates in Days

We will prove that our solution is equally accurate as your Data Stewards.

How do we engage?

We can engage:


As a one-time project to eliminate a backlog and allow your data team to  catchup (a services engagement)


As a subscription where we continuously resolve an ongoing workload 7x24x365


As a file based engagement where we receive a file of potential duplicates and return them resolved.



How EntityWise Works

To Answer the question, "How EntityWise Works" we first must understand why Data Stewards are able to resolve tasks when the EMPI/MPI cannot.

Data Stewards examine a pair of records differently than your typical MPI/EMPI platform which employs a Deterministic or Probabilistic match approach.

A human looks at each of the attributes individually and makes assessments that weigh the balance of attributes and how well the values match by striking a balance that is not possible from traditional approaches.  Traditional Approaches can only assess on one dimension where humans can employ multi-dimensional decisions.
Machine Learning, what EntityWise uses, approaches the decision making process exactly the same way a human does through a multi-dimensional assessment.
It learns from the data steward and can see how the data steward is making the decision and mimic that behavior creating a fast, accurate, virtual steward.

Our Solution

EntityWise can resolve tasks on platforms or file based projects (e.g. MPI Cleaups) at 20x the speed of a data team and at 1/3 the cost. And as a machine learning technology it will learn the match behavior from your team and mimic their accuracy while saving money.

To see an EntityWise
customer example click here

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