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Leveraging the Power Of Our Match Decision

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

EntityWise has two main products that employ pure machine learning as part of their match decision process. The first is a full stack match platform that assists clients in matching their entire data set. The other is a automated task resolution product called AI Steward that resolves tasks on any platform (IBM MDM SE/AE, Epic, Cerner etc...).

However there are times when a client wants to use an enterprise caliber match decision but incorporated as part of an established process for their structured records. A common example is a complex set of ETL processes that shepherd structured records through a series of different requirements and along this path is a point where two records need to be evaluates as a potential match. This is where the EntityWise Decision API can be leveraged to gain the same advantages of machine learning match that takes place within the two products but as a simple API. When clients identify the point in their process through which they need to make a match decision they can call the Decision API which returns a match or no match answer and then take the appropriate action. This allows the decision to be incorporated into an existing process with little disruption.

The implementation process is the same for the Decision API as it is for the products and involves customizing the match behavior to each client for maximum accuracy and only requires hours. In addition this can be leveraged from our cloud with all of the SaaS Cloud benefits. Or this can be deployed on premise for those clients that have high security requirements that prevent any internet interactions.

By leveraging the EntityWise Decision API you gain the benefit of the most accurate enterprise match platform but can incorporate it in a customized method for your specific needs.

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