Business Applications over BPM?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Business Applications are simply a suite of software packages that enable certain business functions to be executed. Thus, Business Process Management (BPM) can have its own Business Applications. Indeed, BPM has its own Applications. BPM Applications are often referred to as Business Process Management Software (BPMS). Sometimes, though rarely, can be termed as Business Process Management Applications (BPMA). The difference between BPMS and BPMA is more of semantics.

In BPMS, we can say that ‘S’ is quite radical. It is radical in the sense that it stands as an acronym for several terms. Apart from ‘Software’, it also stands for ‘System’, ‘Suite’, or ‘Solution’. Thus, you will find these terms being used interchangeably depending on what the user intends to emphasize. Though the terms are related, they are not synonymous. Hence, it is important to curiously digest the context within which the choice of the term is being used.

So, what is the difference between BPMS and BPM?

First of all, Business Process Management (BPM) is a management function . On the other hand, BPMS (or BPM Application) is an electronic tool that is used to improve the execution of this management function .

BPM is a management discipline that employs various methods (including BPMS) to discover, explore, model, analyze, measure, improve and optimize business processes .

In this discipline, a BPMS aids and facilitates this discovery, exploration, modeling, analyzing, measuring, improving, and optimizing the business process.

While seeking the difference between BPMS and BPM we inevitably have to consider what it means by Business Process. A business process is an activity or function that coordinates the various resources, systems, and respective stakeholders’ behavior in a synergistic manner with the primary objective of yielding outcomes that supports or acts in furtherance of the business strategy .

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