Traditional match platforms rely on attribute values that are often sparse or inaccurate making match unreliable.

Photo ID, like drivers licenses (military ids, employee badges, passports), are often part of the identity record but not leveraged in any way.

Attribute values are sparse

Drivers license are not used in the comparison but offer significant improvement to the match accuracy

   Name             Address              DOB                Phone

   John Smith      1 Main Street                             555-1212

   J Smith             Main St             1/9/58


AI Steward can leverage the photo images and make highly accurate comparisons, improving match by 86%.

By comparing both photo id's

you can determine if the two

records are indeed the

same person!

Photo comparisons have a much higher degree of match accuracy when present in the records than the traditional name, address, SSN attribute comparisons that occur on most match platforms.


In addition, drivers licenses contain valuable attribute data that can be used to fill in missing values for the identity record.


Match Photo's Between Id's

Name:  John Smith

Address: 1 Main St

DOB:  1/5/68

Gender: Male

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