Your Virtual Data Steward

Are you migrating from one EMPI / MPI system to another and have potential duplicates / tasks  that you need to resolve before importing to the new system?

Would you like to have your own virtual data steward that can mimic your data stewards match decisions?

Do you have scanned photo id's (drivers license, military id) as part of the records? 

Learn how you can leverage that vital information to boost match rates exponentially.


The most common approaches:

  • Ignore them which leads to patient safety issues

  • Manually resolve them internally which takes time 

  • Hire external human stewards which is costly and still takes time (months)

  • And external teams don't resolve tasks as you would


Meet AI Steward, the first machine learning match platform that can resolve potential duplicates/tasks in days not months or years while saving significant costs over the other traditional approaches.  

Resolve hundreds of thousands of potential duplicates EXACTLY as your own team but in days/weeks.

Step 1


We learn how to resolve tasks exactly as you would

Step 2


We produce a report for you to compare our decisions against your own team

Step 3


Resolve all of your potential duplicates in days

Finish hundreds of thousands of potential duplicates in a couple of weeks

And once we've created your virtual data steward you can re-use this for future projects and skip to Step 3.

Contact us for a free demonstration and the first 10,000 tasks free

Would you mind anonymously telling us how many duplicates/tasks you have?

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