GDPR and CCPA are recent pieces of legislation that require companies to conform to a set of standards when it concerns personal information when doing business in the EU or California.

Fundamental Requirements:

  • Customer's right to be forgotten (removed from all systems)

  • Notification to customers when a breach occurs

These requirements require an organization to be able to find a person in every system within their company.  This can be solved through an expensive and time consuming Master Data Management solution.

But many companies are seeking a simple solution that allows them to meet the requirements of GDPR/CCPA.


A customers right to get their information and to be forgotten starts with a simple premise;  an organizations ability to find the person everywhere they exist.

A person can exist in many systems within an organization and the ability to find that person in all systems can be difficult if you are looking up each person in every different system over and over.

Bringing all the different systems together into one central repository that enables an organization to do a single search and find the person and all systems they exist in is answer.


For organizations searching for a simplified solution, meet

GDPR Simplified


GDPRse can be implemented on-premise or in our cloud.

It requires only a few easy steps to be able for your organization to be able to find a person in any source system.

1.  Load all sources into GDPRse

2.  Create a custom search tailored to your organizational needs

3.  Begin searching for customers when required.

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