How to preserve your matches.

We take your data and put it through a multi-step process to clean, standardize, and apply Artificial Intelligence to get the maximum return on your investment from D&B data.

We go through the following steps:

  1.  Standardize the format of your data.

  2.  Use additional sources to correct 

    1. Company Name​

    2. Address

    3. Phone

    4. Website

  3.  Submit Cleansed, Corrected records to D&B Match​

  4.  Auto-Resolve any Reviews

  5.  Apply a team to research any remaining reviews 

  6.  Create a merged/composite single view of each record

  7.  Return the record set to you for immediate use

Why this matters?

Look at D&B's own example of a review match. 

The customer input in green versus the returned match from D&B in red are completely different companies and the match is UNusable.

If this record went through our Cleanse process the company

(ADT Security System) would have been corrected to 

76 Capital Drive, West Springfield MA 01089


And then submitted to D&B for a correct Match.

D&B has the best data available but if you cannot access it properly it has no value to your business.

We can help you improve your return on investment.

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