Entity Match

D&B Entity Match poses a few challenges:

  •   Getting your data formatted for proper submission to D&B 

  •   Retrieving your results

  •   Understanding how to accept the results

    • What do you "auto-accept" as good matches

    • What do you do with the Review matches (score: 4-7)

  •   How can I create a single view between my data and D&B​​

Ultimately you want ALL of your records to match so that you can segment and understand your customers completely.

Look at an example D&B Report 

There are 95,278 matches that fell into the "review" range

(score 4-7), that is 40% of you data.

This has 2 standard solutions:

  • Manually review 95,278 matches

  • Throw away 95,278 matches      

Why do these matches fail:

  • Improper/Partial Company Names, Addresses, Phone numbers in your data

  • Lack of AI to help you make decisions about your review matches

  • Lack of Research for some records

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