Business Information

As an additional option we can use our advanced data reference search capabilities to:

  • Address Validate / Correct / Standardize

  • Standardize Business Names

  • Identify Correct Business Locations

  • Return Phone Number & Website

Crowd Source Investigation

If there is further investigation needed to understand details of a business not normally ascertained through standard practices

we can employ our crowd sourcing techniques to analyze business information to ensure the most current and accurate representation.

End to End Service

We can also serve as an end-to-end service, taking your full data set and preparing it through our address verification process, business name standardization and phone/website fulfillment prior to sending it to D&B.

Then we can send your data through D&B's API Match Service.

And finally we can apply our machine learning solution to resolve the "reviews".

This provides a single point of transaction for you and returns the highest fidelity in matching.

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