Review Matches

(Confidence Scores 4 - 7)


You submit your records to Dun & Bradstreet for them to match your data against their reference data.

They return a match result set that has confidence scores from 0-10.

Confidence Scores between 4 - 7 are referred to as review, which means that someone or a team in your organization need to manually review the set of records to determine if they are a match.


You are faced with two options:

  • Manually review the 4-7 matches which is costly and time consuming.

  • Ignore the 4-7 data set which is discarding potentially valuable information.

Below is an example D&B Confidence Summary Report as reported by D&B.

In this report you can see that the total number of records submitted to D&B for match were 250,000 records.   The number of records that fall in the 4 - 7 confidence range were 95,278 or nearly 40%.

In our experience, roughly half of the reviews result in good matches but need that deciding factor to choose the good from the bad.   Most organizations don't take the time and usually will ignore the 95,278 matches.

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