AI Steward

The first machine learning based solution to resolve unmatched data.

(100% On Premise)

AI Steward can do all the work or a subset  and work in coordination with your team.


MDM / EMPI / MPI platforms all fail to match the entire population of data and leave the unresolved matches as "tasks" for humans to work manually.

This leaves Two Options

Ignore the Problem

This leaves patient safety at risk.

Get A Data Team

This is costly and very time consuming.

How it Works

AI Steward can resolve tasks on platforms or file based projects (ie MPI Cleaups) at 20x the speed of a human data team and at 1/3 the cost.

And as a machine learning technology it will learn the match behavior from your team and mimic their accuracy.

How can this work when the other platforms are unable to match the same data and leave them as potential duplicates, tasks, suspects etc..?

The simple answer is newer technology.  Just like the evolution from entering a pass code on your smart phone, to using a fingerprint to using facial recognition, we have evolved from the older technology (deterministic and probabilistic) to the power of machine learning.  


This has the ability to make decisions identical to a human data team by learning from them and replicating that behavior.  This was simply not possible with the older technologies and hence their only recourse was to throw up their hands and allow humans to review it.


AI Steward can work on all the potential duplicates/tasks or it can work on a subset allowing the data team to focus on the other set.


Providence St Joseph Health used AI Steward




St Joseph had 250,000 Tasks in the backlog with thousands of new tasks being created every month.




They estimated it would have taken their data team over 13,000 hours to complete the backlog.  AI Steward took 51 hours.




They estimated they saved $300,000 as a result of using AI Steward and after 2 years they remain task free.

AI Steward Webinar

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If you have photo id's (driver's license, military id, passports) scanned images as part of patient records, learn how using this can dramatically improve your match accuracy

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