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Cerno Problem Definition

Organizations have many sources of information

Customers, accounts etc… exist in many places

Understanding a complete picture, using all the available
data, is essential




Search – Ability to find a person

Periodic Batch Upload

Creating multiple views when required (link to philosophy)


Cerno Solution

Cerno is a SaaS based machine learning full match platform that can be up and running in days, not months/years, and exceeds the best current match platforms in accuracy.

Machine Learning Structured Record Match Platform

Custom Fit to your match requirements

Attributes (name, address, dob, ssn etc…)

Match behavior (algorithm)

Synonyms/Anonymous Values

Cloud Based / On Premise

One-Time Projects / Subscriptions

It works in 3 easy steps

You interface with Cerno through a RESTful API platform with over 25 API's that allow the flexibility to fit any match scenario.

Teach it how you want to match
Load your data
Begin to use it

To watch a webinar about AI Steward click here

About Us


Since we've specialized in record match technology and have created a machine learning approach to matching records that is more accurate than the traditional platforms.

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