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Identity Resolution

Find Identities Easily & Accurately

Problem Definition


Organizations have many sources of information


Customers, accounts exist in many places

Finding and Understanding a complete picture, using all the available data, is essential


Unified Identity View



Search – Ability to find a person anywhere accurately


Data Lake / Data Warehouse


Creating multiple views / identities  (aka algorithms)

Creating different views of the data is essential for most organizations.   


Cerno Solution

Cerno is a machine learning identity resolution platform that can be up and running in days, not months/years, and exceeds the current match platforms in accuracy.

  • Easy Algorithm Creation

    • No Experts Required​ - Most Solutions require expert services to implement and maintain

    • Data Driven Algorithm Creation - No complex algorithm software required

    • Import Other Platform Algorithms - IBM / Informatica and preserve your investment

    • Create Multiple views such as external/customer and internal/analytical use algorithms

      • Including importing of Synonyms, Anonymous Values, False Positive Rules​

    • Handles disparate data sources with differing attribute densities​​​​

  • Unparalleled Accuracy

    • Machine Learning Approach is the most accurate of the approaches

      • Probabilistic / Deterministic ​are 40+ year old technologies

  • Efficiency​​

    • Implementation can be measured in hours to days​

      • Competitors are measured in months to years​

    • Algorithm Creation can be measured in days​

      • Competitors are measured in months​

Cerno Platform

Start simple and scale up.

Cerno is a Java Server based solution with HA (high availability) scale.

Cerno utilizes Elasticsearch as it's persistent storage

Elasticsearch is an open source platform which allows customers to extend capabilities of their data, such as analytics.

The architecture allows for deployment almost anywhere and yet can horizontally scale to accommodate the largest data sets.

Cerno has over 25+ API's that can be used as a server service

and / or

A full set of command line utilities that can be executed


Competitor's solutions require multiple different products and licenses which forces limited deployment choices.

Requires vendor experts with large service contracts to implement/run their solution.   

Cerno can be managed by the customer without any outside reliance.

Cerno does not require any additional software apart from Elasticsearch

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